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Providing all aspect of underfloor heating installations throughout Dorking and Surrey areas.

At Stone Classics, we offer the highest quality underfloor heating installations to the properties throughout Surrey. Our team of expert tilers has both the knowledge and experience in all areas of the trade, making us a perfect choice when it comes down to installing your new underfloor heating system. 

There are many reasons why people opt for underfloor heating in the well-used rooms of their homes. Having heating under your flooring is an effective way of creating heat in the rooms of your home, especially those that are tiled. At Stone Classics, our expert team can install underfloor heating in any room within your home. However, it is popularly chosen for the kitchen area, and bathrooms, as these rooms are often tiled, which can be unpleasant on bare feet. 


There are many advantages that follow with all underfloor heating installations. Underfloor heating will not only create a comfortable ground to stand on when getting out of the bath or shower, but it is also an effective way of maintaining the temperature of the room during the cooler months. 


At Stone Classics, we install underfloor heating that can be controlled separately, meaning the areas you are using can be heated individually. 

This makes it a cost-effective choice, as you will not be wasting heat in any of the areas you are not using. Not only will this be a benefit at the time of use, but it could also benefit at a later date, as underfloor heating will increase the overall value of your property. Please note, we only install electric underfloor heating. A water system would be installed by your plumber/builder. 


If you are looking for a professional team to assist you with your underfloor heating, look no further than our team at Stone Classics in Surrey. Give us a call today on 01306 882252 where we can arrange a call out and no-obligation quote, or to speak to us further about anything else you may require. 

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