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Underfloor Heating

It might seem an unusual comment but some stones are colder than others. However, whichever stone you choose, you (and your feet!), will benefit from the installation of underfloor heating.

If you are having any type of new building constructed you may decide to install a water based underfloor heating, which would need to be provided by your building contractor. In nearly all other instances, electric underfloor heating can be fitted to most properties.

It is a common misconception that electric underfloor heating is expensive to run. In reality, if the room is well insulated and the heating is kept on constantly to a moderate temperature the cost will be approximately £3-£4 per square metre per annum!

This is because the costly element to underfloor heating is the initial heating up of the stone. Once the required temperature is attained, the cost to maintain that is minimal. This is the reason that the heating should be left on constantly and not turned on/off as one would with central heating systems.

Stone Supply

At Stone Classics, we are able to source all types of natural stone materials. This includes limestone, travertine, marble, terracotta (reclaimed and new) and slate.

We will discuss your requirements e.g. type of use, location, desired look, and recommend a suitable product. You can then view the samples in your own home perhaps matching them to curtains or kitchen units before ordering.

Our prices are competitive as we do not have the overheads of a showroom to cover. We can supply from all the leading manufacturers plus some smaller niche companies.

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Whether you need a brand new kitchen, new extension or general property refurbishment, look no further than Stone Classics. We can provide an expert stone tiling service that is tailored to your needs. Call us today on 01306882252 for more information, or send us a message through our contact page. We are happy to answer any and all queries in regards to our company and your project.

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