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We have just finished a "Book Matched" limestone floor in a large town house. This is where the tiles are cut from one block of stone and numbered so that the fossil pattern flows across the floor. Truly stunning.

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People go to great lengths when it comes to saving money. Often these decisions are useful, but at times, these may bring more trouble and set the precedent for more expenses to come. One such case is Stone Flooring or Stone Tiling. You may know somebody who has a house with Stone Floors that has cracks in it. The reasons cracks appear are:

1. A Stone Tile Specialist was not consulted when setting the floor.

2. The Stone Flooring Company that rendered the service was not competent enough.

Interestingly, it is almost always the former that turns out to be the reason behind bad looking stone floors. Stone Classics and Stone Flooring in general needs a special approach and a set of customized tools that are available only with Expert Tile Fitting professionals. Also, you might be pleased to know that many a tiling company in Kingston offer underfloor heating services as well.

Therefore the final word of advice for you is that you should always let the experts come in and show the golden opportunity of changing the house into something truly magnificent. We do understand that it is quite easy to change homes but believe us, that is not always the best decision you can take or need to take, because you will not be saving any money by neglecting the experienced folks who know all about Stone Tiling and flooring. On the contrary, if you do consider hiring the service of tile flooring experts, you will save money by buying the best materials and flooring your home in the most economically smart way possible. And if you are concerned about money, try to boost the price of your home with exquisite Stone Floors. We know from experience that good looking homes sell faster and at higher prices than those that have average floors.


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