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We have just fitted a fantastic French Reclaimed Limestone floor in a large hall in Amersham.

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What would be first reaction if your Underfloor Heating system started acting up all of a sudden? Would you consider opening things up and trying to solve the problem without asking an expert to come over and offer their professional services? Incidentally, that is what most people do and make it hard upon them. If you did not already know, there are many a Tiling Company in Buckinghamshire that offer services for Underfloor Heating. But shouldn't a stone floor company or tiling company be doing stone flooring jobs? Yes, they do and as it happens; working with Stone Classics, Stone Floors and Stone Tiling still forms the bulk of their services, but a Stone Tile Specialist can also be proficient in underfloor heating. A stone flooring company has Expert Tile Fitting professionals on its payroll and works with Stone Flooring, but Stone Floor Experts can help you with other things too.

Finally, if you are planning to sell your home, here is a word of advice for you - consult a Stone Tile Specialist. It has proved for real estate developers, and there is no reason why it should not work for you. Real estate developers buy old homes and change the floor among many other things before putting it back in the market. We have seen that the market is favourable towards home that have Stone Floors. Not only do these sell quicker, the price is also better. You would not imagine the bump in price your home will get just from having a stone floor! Interestingly, the money or time required to lay a stone floor is much less that what most you would think. So whether you want to renovate your home, make it more interesting to live in or just improve it before selling, take our advice, find someone to work magic on your floors.


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